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Latest Newsletter Yields Results!

Jan 23, 2015

Our recent Newsletter (Fall Newsletter-October 2014) yielded more than the expected results.  First, of course, was informing the Association of news: Friends of UHS Scholarships, Announcements about the officers, and a New  Member/Renewal Membership Form. 

Secondly, we had a large mailing list that overtime had not been updated.  We sent to all the addresses we had hoping to be able to purge wrong addresses and update many others.

Third, our non-profit status with the U.S. Postal Service had expired.  Kay Jungerman worked through that federal form and communication.  We appreciate her involvement very much.  She was successful and got us back to more efficient mailing of newsletters and other bulk mailing.

The fourth result was a welcome surprise!  We garnered several new member/renewal memberships!  Some are Life Memberships.

UHSAA thanks everyone for your confidence.  Especially, we are grateful for your patience and contributions.