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Hello UHS Alumni!

Oct 31, 2013

What’s New! The uvaldealumni.com website is new!   After several years of seeking class contacts and volunteers to assist in the overall editing of  website pages it became obvious we needed to change.  This was a change that was considered in many meetings.  Beginning in 2009 the Board explored several options.  In our meetings we discussed feasibility, viability, and practicality.  

Finally, a combination of factors led the UHSAA Board of Directors to a new vision for the Association. Our most successful venture has been our “Friends of UHS Scholars” program.  It is a program in line with the Purpose of UHSAA.  The Board felt we needed to publicize this even more and increase our scholarships to Uvalde High School seniors.

We were pleased with the “Leader of the Pack” award started several years ago.  Beginning with Governor Dolph Briscoe this has become an Annual Homecoming Meeting presentation.  Adding the “Distinguished Educator Award” we saw visibility and interest increase in our community.  This too, fits the Purpose of the Association.

We applaud those who have class websites.  It is so much easier to work with a smaller group of alumni in that kind of environment.  But in these times alumni do not avail themselves of many of the sources that were on the previous site.  The Board considered all the social networking structure with certain security risks associated with it.  After studying the lack of interest and lack of alumni involvement with the website, these sections were not included in the new site.

The hope is that our website will continue to improve with News, Featured News and Featured Content.  And, you’ll notice there is a link to the “Previous Site.”  Although not maintained by UHSAA it is still a wonderful path of the history of Uvalde High School.  Many classes can find links to their class web sites on the original site.  To get there just click “Previous Site” under “About” on our menu at the top of this page.