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2016 Annual Alumni Awards

Jan 6, 2014


     Each year the Uvalde High School Alumni Association seeks nominations for the annual Leader of the Pack and the annual Distinguished UCISD Educator of the Year awards.  The Leader of the Pack Award honors a graduate of Uvalde High School who has made a significant contribution to his/her community and profession.  The alumnus must be at least fifteeen (15) years removed from graduation.

     Another annual award by UHSAA is for the Distinguished UCISD Educator Award.  The nominee must be at least fifteen (15) years removed from graduation and must be retired from the UCISD system.  This award honors an alumnus who has made outstanding contributions through her/his teaching and has shown an exemplary character as an educator.

     In both awards these distinguished alumni are people who exemplify the tradition of excellence fostered at Uvalde High School.

Nominations for both awards may be made beginning July 1, 2015, with a deadline of August 31, 2015.  Nominations must be accompanied by background information on each candidate.  Nominations will be narrowed to three by a committee appointed by the President of the UHSAA.  Final voting for the recipient of the award will be by the UHSAA Board of Directors.

     A nomination form complete with address for mailing to the association will be listed on this website beginning summer 2015.